Welcome to Concord Autograss Club Essex
Welcome to Concord Autograss Club Essex

Welcome to the Concord Autograss Club Essex website where you can find up to date information on the latest club news our next events along with the main championship points table and pictures from our last events.We also cover news from other Autograss events from all over the country. for get to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all the breaking news and as always start your visit with a look on our Forum.

**** Next Race Meeting - 13th September Racing starts at 10.30 *****

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Round 4 of the UKAC and BAS
Kelly's Write up from the 4th Round of the UKAC and BAS - a particularly successful one for Concord
Concord on Tour UKAC R4 2015.docx
Microsoft Word document [19.0 KB]
This is Kelly's Write Up on the Concord Drivers weekend at the Men's Nationals
Men's nationals 2015.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.7 KB]

Concord At The Nationals -Men's 1/2nd August; Ladies & Juniors 4/5 September


Concord Participants at the Men’s Nationals are:

Michael Winkworth C202E

Andy Hall C156E

Graham Douglas C13E

Colin Thorndyke C69E

Trevor Martin C18E

Keith Rapley C22E

David Saunders C12E

Reserve Barry Hatahway C83E

Paul Pryor C96E


Concord Participants at the Ladies & Juniors Nationals are:

L&J's information sheet will either be posted or given to you at the weekend.

Tasha Hardwick C52E

Lianne Teather C266E

Sharon Douglas C13E

Helen Ross C34E

Lynn Thomas C21E

Billy Wilson C8E

Charlie Kate Ross C350E

Round 3 of the UKAC and BAS
Kelly's Write up from the 3rd Round of the UKAC and BAS
Concord on Tour UKAC R3 2015.docx
Microsoft Word document [16.4 KB]

I would like to say thank you to all the club members that took the time to attend the EGM on Tuesday. I felt the overwhelming turnout provided a lot of positives for the club. We all need to now take on board the things that were discussed (both the committee and members) to try and move things forward. I will arrange an open committee meeting for September ahead of our next race meeting, however to do this will cost the club the hire of a hall as the venue we use for our smaller committee meetings will be unavailable; so after requesting this please make sure you attend.  Don’t forget your attendance at the next race meeting is vital – don’t forget to bring your friends and family along to watch!! Lynn 

Club Point following Sunday 5th July Meeting
Updated points following Sunday's race meeting - some championships are very close in points - Paul Maxim remains highest Points scorer followed by Bill Wilson and Lynn Thomas - one remaining points meeting left now...................
2015.07.05 Points.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [75.5 KB]
Round 2 of UKAC and BAS
Kelly's Write up about the Concord Drivers who took part in the 2nd round of both series
UKAC Rd 2 2015.docx
Microsoft Word document [16.2 KB]
roll cage testing.docx
Microsoft Word document [12.7 KB]

South of England Champions of Champions – a winning weekend all round for the Wilson’s


See the http://www.autograssphoto.net/2015/2015-22.html for the write up from Monday by Jeffrey Parish

Junior Champion of Champions
Special recognition award to Paul and Billy Wilson for the effort put in over the weekend - their car completed 18 races
Round 1 of UKAC and BAS
Kelly's report on the Concord Drivers racing at the first round UKAC & BAS series
UKACRd1 2015..docx
.docx File [14.9 KB]

At the last NASA Chairman’s meeting car numbers and their design were discussed. Increasingly over the last few years numbers have been used that do not conform to section 8 of the class rule books. We were advised that if Lap Scorer are not able to read your club identification and numbers due to this, then you may not be awarded points. This is applicable at any club or meeting.  As a reminder section 8 can be viewed here – this is an extract from the class rule books – where all the diagrams can be viewed. All class rule books can be found electronically here

IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM NASA to be passed on urgently to all our Drivers/Scrutineers etc.....

This must take effect from NOW.

Fuel Systems – Throttle Return Spring & Cable.

All engines must be fitted with an “Accelerator” or “Throttle” return spring of sufficient size, strength and movement such that the fuel delivery system closes once the “Accelerator” or “Throttle” pedal is released.

Note. The accelerator/throttle cable/connection system must be sufficiently routed, shielded from any heat source, and lubricated to minimise the risk of seizure.

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